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Delivery Time 2-5 Days l 25 AED Delivery Fee On Orders Below 100 AED To Dubai & Abu Dhabi | 50 AED Additional To Other Emirates 

White Earth

About Us ! 

Healthmart Retail Store In Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Established in 2010, Health Mart is a multi-merchandise market place which concentrates on dealing with Hospitals and Home health care supplies, medical consumables. With all over the UAE reach, we offer thousands of items in various unique categories.

At Health Mart LLC, we comprehend that purchasing Active Daily living Products is a critical decision. We care, and are always present for any assistance. Through 24 hour site accessibility and our professional customer service we offer our clients convenience.


Our Values

We deliver the right products into the hands that need them quickly, reliably & cost effectively. 

Distribution Warehousing & Workshops

Whether you want a proprietary product or specific brands, our diverse partnerships can help healthcare providers remain cost effective and contract compliant. 

Products & Sourcing

We do more than make your process simpler and affordable , we make logistics simple for you as a medical equipment provider. 

Logistics Solution

The only company that provides complete solutions for doctors and hospitals in the field of patients daily requirements.

DME | Orthotics & Prosthetics | Physio & Rehab | Implants 

From hospital to home or wherever in between , we can support through the complexities of their wellness journey. 

Patient Solution 

At Health Mart, our philosophy is rooted in a people-centric approach, acknowledging the uniqueness of each health journey. We stand as unwavering champions of quality, sourcing and providing the highest standard of products and services.


Empowering individuals through knowledge is at our core, as we believe that informed decisions contribute to overall well-being. Compassion is the heartbeat of our interactions, serving with empathy and kindness. We envision resilient communities where access to quality healthcare is a shared value, and our commitment to continuous innovation ensures dynamic solutions.

Operating with integrity, transparency, and ethical practices, we aren't just healthcare providers; we are advocates for a life well-lived, inviting all to join us on a journey of elevation and enrichment.

Our Philosophy:

Elevating Lives, Enriching Health

Healthmart Staff Assisting Patient
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